Marcus Thorn Bio

Marcus ThornTiki carver and painter, Marcus Thorn of Tiki Beat has been carving tikis for over 15 years and painting and drawing since his early teens. Born in Papua New Guinea and then raised in Tropical Queensland in Australia Marcus has always been drawn to the Polynesian appeal of all things tiki.

Heavily involved in the Hot Rod and Low Brow art scene in Australia Marcus is fast becoming one of the most highly respected tiki carvers in the world and his carvings have featured in various Hot Rod Magazines and movies for NBC Studios New York and Warner Bros Movieworld Gold Coast, Australia and carving in Hawaii for hotels and developments and restoration of antique carvings/tikis.

The carvings that Marcus has been producing are renowned for their traditional old school “Trader Vics Style” and he takes pride in customizing each piece so that no two are alike.

Gear Shifts are one of my best sellers.  I hand carve original, one off gear shifts for cars and motorcycles.  No matter how basic or intricate the design.  Get yourself a real piece of art instead of the mass produced resin gear shifts that you see everywhere these days.

Owning a tiki is like owning a piece of Oceania and everything associated with the island lifestyle. Plain and simple tikis are Fun! When you see a tiki you are mentally transported to a place where salty air and turquoise water mingle with the smell of grilled fish and the sounds of steel drums. This reminds you that real places like this still exist and we should know because we live in one.

If you are craving to own your very own little piece of Oceania and want to surround yourself with some island lifestyle give me a call or send me an email